Soul ution Document for this wekl

Trial 1; Encryption Depiction

Image has a string of letters " SZCBOSOHBO ". Use the title which explains that you need to encrypt the specific string of letters into pigpen which shows directly the answer to trial 1, "VALUEVENUE"

Trial 2; Pipe Insanity

This puzzle has 6 interactable grids which you need to solve in order to pass this puzzle. As the given text and the title say, this is related to the pipe minigames where you have to connect some pipes from a start to a finish in order to get the water to go through!

So you had to first figure out which image from the pigs and pigtails are what pipe shape then do the connecting From S to E which means from start to finish as mentioned earlier. Looking at the file names of the images its obvious which pipe shape is which, with the pig image being named "Straight" and the pigtail image named as "Turn". End result should look like this:

after connecting the pipes correctly you can decode the grid so you can extract 1 pigpen character from each one from the shape of the pipes that are connected , keeping in mind that some of the interactive grids sometimes had pigs of noses, which meant that the pigpen characters also had the dots in the middle. Doing all of this gave you the word "HIJACK".

Trial 3; Baconfusion

In trial 3 you are given strings of the cipher "baconian" and a hint saying: It says "AAAAB = E but AAAAA = N and D = AAABB". Using that hint youre supposed to figure out a pattern that occurs between the 3 given baconian strings and apply it into the 12 baconian strings.

The clock inside the puzzle image with no hands and the arrows indicates also that whatever you need to do has to be done in a clockwise order. The pattern you need to notice is displayed in the image below this text. Executing this pattern in the strings gives you the answer which is "ANGELICCHOIR"

Trial 4; Destroying the elemental canvas

To solve this first of all you need to figure out what letters are hidden behind the evil piggies, then encrypt them into pigpen. Then you will need to use the title of the trial in order to figure out two things you need to do to solve this level. Analyzing the title you notice that " CANVAS " means DRAW and " DESTROYING " means that you need to somehow subtract / destroy parts of the periodic table.

So in order to do that, visualize the encrypted pigpens as 3x3 mini grids and use the pigpens as your method of "destroying" the periodic table, by removing the periodic elements that those pigpens pass by, if the middle of each pigpen begins at each piggy location. First image below this text shows what you have to do on each piggy individually ( it will show the result of doing what explained above only on a single piggy) and second image will show the end result of doing it in all of the piggies, which also gived you the answer which is "TITAN"

Trial 5; Direction Misdirection

Use the hint "chici geggei = no letters can be extracted, though something else = ????? . Start where 4 arrows point" in order to figure out 2 things. First of all the start of the directions the title mentions and how the letter extraction from the directions work. To find the start of the directions, firstly encrypt the whole grid into pigpen, until you find the place where "the 4 arrows point", which in pigpen is S,T,U and V. That happens around the middle of the grid, at the letter N.

Now "chici geggei = no letters can be extracted, though something else = ?????" shows you a phrase, and tells you that nothing can be extracted using it, though "something else" which is the image name of the grid, chili pepper, can extract 5 letters total. So encrypting both words also into pigpen shows you that chici geggei has no dots at all but chili pepper has 5 total, which matches with the hint given.

In order to extract the 5 letters though, you need to figure out how the directions work. In this case you draw directions depending on where the encrypted pigpen of chici geggei and chili pepper point towards, preferably looking at the encrypted text of chili pepper, so that you can use the dotted pigpen characters in order to extract the letter they land on. Gives you the answer "STONE" at the end. Look in final image for a visual presentation if needed.

Final Trial; Recapitulation Ultimatum

Lets start of with 1. Hint mentions that encryption has already been done so what you have to do is visualize the letters like they are pigpen characters so V would be decrypted to S and L onto C.

Once you do that for the whole grid, it asks you to find a word. The word you're looking for is BEACH, which you would be able to confirm by inputting this answer on its own on the answer box.

Recap 2 on the other hand asks you to find whats underlined, and also gives the sentence "HEY STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU CAN'T EAT THAT! ITS SO UNCOOKED IT OINKS BACK..." which references back to the puzzle relating to the bacon.

Though the underline may not be that visible without encrypting the grid. Once encrypted though, a full line/underline can be visible, coming from the word "prehominid". After that follow the same process you did to get a word on Trial 3, but now its from pigpen to bacon. Gives you "ARCHFIENDS"

Recap 3 is basically the same as trial 4 but on a grid this time. Simple as that. At the end it gives "CLOVER"

Recap 4 starts with the hint given which is "Start where the story ends. The keyword to solve this puzzle is habanero pepper. Whenever the directions guide you off the grid you end up at the other side of the grid, same row." but in reverse, which comes into play later.

first of all, it says you need to start where the story ends, something which is "coincidentally" located inside the grid given. it gives you the keyword/key sentence "habanero pepper" and gives you some new instructions too for how you will traverse in the grid. The reverse also comes into play because now you follow the pigpen directions but on the exact opposite way the pigpen characters actually point now. Gives "SPIDERS"

if you want to understand the directions in the image, start from y using rainbow order then following the colors similar to the ones of the rainbow colors


add "br0k3n" at the start of the neocities url:

once you reach the website it asks you to be a bit more specific, which you have to put the previous url of the non-br0k3n neocities.